Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson

I have edited and rewritten this at least a dozen times and now I am so over it. Hood Richardson is a bully screaming from a bully pulpit. You can download and listen to the actual 911 call from the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department AND you can listen (and download) the Remix of that phone call. It’s a catchy dance tune, I give it a 5,  and we really like to hop up and down on one foot while listening to it.

HoodRichardson’s Frantic 911 Call  <– click here to play the original call to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department, which was not, we might add, the jurisdiction of the jaywalking offense. It was a City  of Washington jaywalker, not a county one. In front of Frank’s Pizza, wonder if she has gluten allergies, they make gluten-free pizza there, you know.

300-Pound Black Woman (911 Mix)  <– click here to play the dance tune remix. Yes, it’s a link. It will open the mp3 for you and begin to play it. Click on HOOD and get a link to the same mp3.


Dispatcher: “Beaufort County 911, where is your emergency?


Hood Richardson: “Round black woman walking down the middle of the…”

Dispatcher: “You saw a…”

Hood Richardson: Inaudible

Dispatcher: “You saw a black woman walking down the middle of the street?”

Hood Richardson: “Hello?”

Dispatcher: “Yes, this is the Sheriff’s Office. Can I help you?”

Hood Richardson: “You’ve got a 300-pound black woman walking down the middle of the street in front of Frank’s Pizza with a blind stare.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, let me transfer. Do you have uh…”

Hood Richardson: “You can just deliver the message.”

Dispatcher: “No sir. I’m going to…no sir, I want you to…”

Hood Richardson: “I’m Hood Richardson, Beaufort County Commissioner. You’ll hear about this tonight if you don’t get off your butt and do your job!”

Dispatcher: “You’ve got a black woman that’s walking down the middle of the street at Frank’s Pizza correct?”

Hood Richardson: “That’s right.”

Dispatcher: “Okay and what is she doing? And you said something. Does she have a blonde wig on?”

Hood Richardson: “A blind stare walking down the yellow line.”

Dispatcher: “Thank you. I’ll pass it along.”

Hood Richardson: “Bye.”

Beaufort County Commissioner Hood Richardson made a 911 call to report an emergency, a jaywalker on John Small Avenue. Fearing for his own life as well as hers, the woman remains a mystery … the 911 call is available to all. Thanks to Sheriff Alan Jordan and the Washington Daily News. And thanks to my anonymous friend for sending this!

We thought Hood said the woman was in “a blonde wig” but it took this remix to realize she had a “blind stare”.

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